Angelica Raindrop

All currently available information about this Human Female character from SS&S has been lifted directly from the Character Profile.

Very Feminine. Long, blond and wavey locks, Generally considered very pretty. Hourglass figure. Doesn't look nearly as strong as she is, almost like a blond Daisy Duke.
Generally Charming and nice. However, She has a very short temper so anyone who pisses her off generally ends up with broken bones, high levels of embarrassment, and a significantly smaller ego. DO NOT MAKE HER BREAK A NAIL. YOU WILL DIE.
Is highly skilled at swordswomanship (due to her father being a swordmaster) but prefers bare knuckle combat where realistically possible. Owns a VERY shiney twohanded German longsword called Mercy.
Optional Random Information:
Wants to be a armour designer but lacks the talent so her designs end up being uncomfortable and chafing (unlike micromail)

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