Canon to the Left of Them: Combat Dome Other Media

Combat Dome media, other than the games:
Note: All CD Other Media can now be found in our Archive

The Life of Joanna Hojo-Be-Damned Whatyoulike

Author: Rowan
Canonicity: Probably Canon

Many great authors have famous Unfinished Works, and Rowan hopes that someday, this will be his. The chances of it ever being finished are slim…
It is a biography of one of the major NPCs from the FFVII Game and as of yet, it is just over a single chapter long. That chapter, however, can be found here.

It Runs in the Family

Author: Calum
Canonicity: Non-Canon (Alternate Universe)

An account of what would have happened had Loki chosen to go get Roddy himself instead of sending someone else in the FFVII Game. Based on a surprisingly coherent dream had by the author after obsessing over the game for too long. Notable for introducing the characters of Azumi and Von III. Can be found here.

Charge of the Phoenix

Author: Calum
Canonicity: Poetic description of Canon

A parody of the Charge of the Light Brigade based on the final battle of the FFVII Game. Can be found here.
NOTE: Not to be confused with a poetic description of cannon.

For Want of a Nail

Author: Calum
Canonicity: …difficult

A sort-of Alternative Universe Fiction, sort-of Lower Decks Episode, sort-of Prequel. Mainly based on the FFVII Game, although with elements of the hopefully-upcoming Quantum of Solitude. Starts in a universe where Loki killed Brall and became an evil overlord, but then moves on to become an explanation of various odd events at the start of the FFVII Game when the Sourceworlder sends Rebecca and Azumi Ericho back in time to put history back on the right track. Part One found here. Part Two found here.

The Samaritan Chronicles

Author: So far only Calum
Canonicity: Probably Canon (Expanded Multiverse)

A series of short stories centering around a character who was originally in the plans for Quantum of Solitude before she was cut on the basis that she made things complicated and didn't really advance the plot in any way. In fanfiction, of course, complication and plot have never really mattered, so the character is free to be used in whatever stories we come up with…

Phase Zero

Author: Calum
Canonicity: Canon

A brief meeting between the Sourceworlder and the Doctor, elaborating a little on some of the backstory of SS&S's Thirty Xanatos Pileup.

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